Get the most from Your Local Library

The General Public Library – A Job-Seeker’s CLOSEST FRIEND


Technology is everywhere nowadays. It’s hard to get any kind of job it doesn’t require at least a simple understanding of e-mail and Word Processing software programs. Any position dealing with data generally requires using Excel, and many administrative positions require someone acquainted with PowerPoint and Publisher. If you have been from the workforce for some time, or your previous positions didn’t require using these programs, how are you likely to learn? One reference that lots of people don’t consider is the general public library.

Some very useful tips include:

● If you have a laptop or tablet, sit where there is an electrical outlet, and don’t forget to bring your surge protector.
● If you bring your smart phone or lightweight tablet, bring your car 
phone holders that sits on a desk.
● If you enjoy listening to music, bring your earbuds or headset and respect everyone else’s quiet space.
● Some libraries will allow you to bring in your own drink, find out ahead of time. And bring your own thermos of that special beverage.
● Remember to respect everyone else’s quite space, and put your cell phone on vibrate.

Libraries in the united states now offer classes, which range from computer fundamentals like typing to more complex matters such as using PowerPoint to produce presentations. Some localities offer more advanced classes like digital photography and give writing. Certain libraries even offer one-on-one tutoring with a teacher. Best of all, classes at general public libraries are almost always free, although some require you to have a present library card for the locality. Perhaps you already have strong fundamental computer skills, but you need to learn a certain program in order to get the job you want.

Let’s say, for instance, that you’re interested in going into project management, but you don’t know how to use Microsoft Project. An easy fix? Go to your local library And Look for Microsoft Project for Dummies. If you’re in marketing and want to break into e-marketing, there are also books like The Truth About Search Engine Optimization. If you are starting a business, and this is the first time you’ve ever started your own business, resources from books: legal guide for starting and running small can really help you out a lot.

In addition to offering classes and books on numerous technology topics, almost all general public libraries provide Internet access, with many offering wifi as well. If you live in a smaller town with no businesses such as a Kinko’s nearby, the library is also an excellent source for printing and copying services. And also, libraries a lot of times have mailboxes on the outside, making it easy for you to send your applications and resumes. Your local general public library contains many low-cost resources for your job search.

Whether or not finances are limited during your job search, the library can be your best friend!