Book Sales

The 2014 Big Book Sale will be held at the Benton County Fairgrounds starting Friday, February 21st, and will run through the weekend.  This is our most complete sale, offering all kinds of books, both hardback and paperback, adult, and children’s. We also offer CDs, videos, and DVDs. This is a great opportunity to enhance your collection. Hope to see you there!

The Fall Paperback Sale is held on the Saturday of the Corvallis Fall Festival Weekend (September 28, 2013) in the Main Meeting Room inside the Library from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  At this sale we feature top quality adult and children’s paperback fiction books.


We accept cash and checks at all Book Sales.  Additionally, for the BIG Sale, we accept debit and credit cards.

Show your support.  All proceeds are used to fund Library programs and services.


The Book Shelf Sale at the main library has been a popular service since its debut in August 2004. It is also a profitable project, providing many thousands of dollars for Library programs and services.

Books are sold on the honor system for only fifty cents each! A lock box is provided for purchases; it is emptied frequently.

Books sold on the Book Shelf are those that the sorting volunteers select as being duplicates, favorites from past years, of unique interest, or standards not befitting our other sales. The supply includes adult and children’s books, paperbacks, hardbacks, fiction and non-fiction.

Books are generally restocked several times a week.

Book Shelf Sales are also available in the Alsea, Monroe, and Philomath Libraries.

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